About UTTO

UTTO® challenges convention with innovation to meet the ever-increasing demands on damage avoidance and asset protection in an industry reliant on localized field knowledge and decade-old technologies.

UTTO Digital Services is the next-generation damage prevention platform for the underground utility industry.

UTTO redefines best practice locating by capturing and sharing an assessment and qualification of field tech performance for every locate ticket or survey job. Along with seamless sub-meter mapping and automatic target path output to any GIS platform, UTTO enables you to “be at every locate”.

UTTO Analytics integrates with UTTO’s patented Training Simulator Studio to ensure your workforce experiences immersive hands-on locator training with real world electromagnetic scenarios and challenges.


Cloud Technology

With UTTO’s cloud-based platform, mobile app, and networked locator device, all locate and position data that was being lost and thrown away is seamlessly captured and stored without changing the field tech’s work practice or procedures.

Ease of Use

Specifically developed for the locate industry, UTTO delivers a simple user experience by integrating mobile and cloud technologies with sophisticated back-end systems and patented complex algorithms.

Precise Targeting

By locating the target using state-of-the-art, customized GPS technology and cloud-connected satellite updates for super fast GPS fixes, UTTO maps underground assets with up to sub-meter accuracy and is seamlessly compatible with existing locate devices.

Best ROI

UTTO results in enormous cost and productivity efficiencies designed specifically not to alter the field technician’s user experience or workflow, while capturing locate data, ensuring targeted training where needed, and providing rapid return on investment (ROI).

Increased Efficiency

By finally capturing the locate mark, the intelligence is preserved, eliminating the need for repeated site visits by field technicians. All acquired underground data is preserved for future locate operations – saving time and money.

Locate Quality Assurance

UTTO’s revolutionary Locate Assurance™ motion and electromagnetic technology fusion raises the bar and ensures best practice by finally enabling you to “be at every locate.” UTTO analytics provides you a crystal-clear window into your daily field operations, letting you work smarter, not harder.

About IPEG, the company behind UTTO


IPEG serves the telecommunications, pipeline and utility industries. We provide technology solutions to improve damage prevention, location and mapping of buried assets.

We deliver niche, practical solutions to operational problems that enable our customers to safely and cost effectively manage their networks and facilities. We focus R&D expenditure where it counts most; on the end user.

IPEG possesses a rare blend of technical knowledge and commercial experience combined with a willingness to listen, learn and solve our customers problems.  Our ability to recognize a problem as an opportunity is the foundation of our business.

First class products and services – delivered on time.