National Grid choose UTTO’s Locate Assurance Platform

National Grid ( with operations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York are taking their damage prevention operations to a whole new level and requiring UTTO’s Locate Assurance™ for all their locate and mark tickets.

Locate Assurance is an advanced, quality assurance technology that helps measures and incentivize field workers to use best practices when performing locate and mark operations.

Without Locate Assurance an operations field supervisor has no insight into what is happening in their daily field operations and only when it is too late, and a damage has occurred, is the problem revealed.

NGrid were thrilled with the results of an R&D program in 2019 that included UTTO and PG&E among others, which established “what a good and what a bad locate looks like” and they have now made UTTO Locate Assurance part of their requirement for any locate contractors who bid and work for them in the future.

NGrid are now able to view their Contractor’s daily field activity and performance. Field users upload data to the UTTO Cloud after each locate and NGrid supervisors will receive alert messages when exceptions to best practice occurs (based on UTTO’s best practice algorithm). They will then be able to view why an alert occurred and contact the Contractor should it be necessary.

On the UTTO 3D Activity Map locate sessions can instantly be viewed and prioritized. Audits can now be targeted and prioritized using real data and risk assessments rather than random selections, saving manpower and time.

From a broader industry perspective, the unique part of NGrid’s leadership is for the first time the utility industry AND the contract locate industry will share field technician performance data. UTTO is the bridge between the two. Some see this of this as disruptive, other see it as the future.

UTTO are pioneering the drive to have asset owners, contractors, device manufacturers and developers all work toward a common goal of reduced damages, accountability and improved productivity.

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Visualize and plan audits with real field performance metrics and data.

View locate site reports of what happened, when and where.