Industry problem

The underground utility industry is still plagued with damages and is dependent on pipe and cable locating technologies introduced more than 30 years ago. The locate process has not changed since its inception – the field tech receives ticket information, travels to dig zones area, locates and marks, and then processes the next ticket. Although a few companies are able to monitor the ‘windshield time’ or travel time of the locator, critical information and data is missing regarding the process and quality of the field tech’s locate technique and procedure.

Traditionally, every field technician is required to complete an initial training program before deployment for locate work in the field. It may take months before a locator knows what a ‘good locate’ feels like, and there’s no true way to reinforce it. Once the field tech has graduated from the classroom environment, the asset owner has no way of assuring the quality of performance on real-world locates.

Successful pipe and cable location requires the field technician to interpret complex electromagnetic fields and interference-filled environments. The asset owner or contractor has no confirmation or QA of the work performed by the locator. Additionally, in the event of an asset damage, field techs have no protection, even if best practice was followed. Without a real solution to this problem, there will continue to be no accountability for locate work in the field and the reduction of asset damages will fail to improve, costing companies millions per year and potentially putting lives at risk.

No Locate Accountability

Locator competency should be validated on every locate; not just on the day of testing. There is too much at stake.

Asset Damages Due to Locate Practices

There are thousands of asset damages that occur each year as a result of insufficient locate practice.

High Training Costs

Training field technicians can be a lengthy and costly expenditure. It can take months before it clicks as to what a ‘good locate’ feels like.

Defend Field Technicians

In the event of an asset damage, field techs have no evidence of the quality of their locate procedure.

Why UTTO®  Locate Assurance?

UTTO’s breakthrough technologies deliver quantitative and qualitative assessment of locator performance.

UTTO‘s smart technologies ensure data-backed accountability on every locate.

UTTO Locate Assurance™ seamlessly integrates our proprietary digital services platform with advanced smart technologies embedded within the locate device to qualify and evaluate field technician performance on every locate. Define your locate metrics and quality standards and ensure best practice is followed across your entire operational workforce in the field. UTTO Locate Assurance™ finally allows you to ‘be at every locate’.

UTTO’s Locate Assurance™ technologies enable the following features and benefits:

  • Qualify and evaluate field technician performance before damages happen
  • Capture and monitor locate QA/QC
  • Quality of electromagnetic locate technique
  • Time and distance located
  • Distance between markout points
  • Correct frequency for utility type
  • Ensure best practice is followed across entire field workforce
  • Define and evaluate locate metrics and quality standards