Industry problem

UTTO Underground Asset Mapping Industry ProblemDue to inaccurate and outdated utility maps, asset owners are forced to be extremely conservative when reporting the location of their underground networks. As a result, utility owners receive hundreds of thousands of locate requests tickets from one-call centers each year. Without data-backed confidence in their existing maps, it is costly and imprecise for utility owners to reliably screen locate tickets, and the issue will only continue to become more complex and costly as the amount of locate requests rise each year.

Today, in-house field techs or 3rd parties repeatedly locate the same network, but the core intelligence that is generated by this process is not being captured. Valuable network data continues to be thrown away on a daily basis. Utility owners are faced with the dilemma of managing inexperienced/high turnover staff or an experienced workforce with a wealth of in-depth route knowledge nearing retirement.

Previously, no seamless solution existed to map underground asset networks without affecting the field technician’s workflow and incurring substantial and impractical operational costs. Attempted solutions required expensive external GPS devices, inter-connecting cables and complex 3rd party software systems. Alternatively, hand-drawn maps and notes were not data-backed and leave room for human error.

UTTO leverages world-class design expertise in multi-discipline technologies to deliver a real solution designed exclusively for the industry. Utilities and service providers can now have a technology plan and implement digital services that can scale and allow organizations to meet 21st Century damage prevention and operational productivity demands.

No Dedicated Industry-Wide Solution

Despite the best endeavors of industry professionals, it is far too complex for 3rd party software and platforms to be stitched together to fill the need for an encompassing solution designed specifically for each stakeholder of the entire damage prevention cycle.

Inaccurate and Outdated Utility Maps

Digital utility maps transposed from hand-drawn maps decades ago are inaccurate and outdated, leaving zero confidence in the true location of underground assets.

Asset Damages and Locate Costs

As ticket requests, locate costs, and asset damages continue to rise, it’s imperative the industry invests in new technologies to continuously improve damage prevention and best practices.

Lost Paint and Flag Marks

In-house field techs and 3rd parties are paid to locate and mark valuable assets and the data is lost or thrown away on a daily basis, frequently creating needless and repetitive field visits.

Why UTTO Underground Asset Mapping?

UTTO’s Underground Asset Mapping technologies tackle these industry problems head-on.

UTTO utilizes field locate points to correct existing legacy maps with data-backed confidence.

Using technology-backed field data, UTTO’s proprietary Dots to Lines (D2L) algorithm delivers automated legacy map correction with target line and buffer zone generation based on the quality of uploaded GPS points, not human interpretation. All corrected legacy map data can be seamlessly exported from UTTO into any external GIS platform with the file format you need. UTTO allows you to manage your uncertainty by giving you true, data-backed confidence in the location of your assets.

UTTO’s legacy map correction enables the following features and benefits:

  • UTTO’s proprietary “Dots to Lines” (D2L) algorithm delivers automated legacy map correction
  • From captured locate GPS points, D2L algorithm generates target line and boundary zones
  • Digital field data based on real GPS points and quality of measurement, not human interpretation
  • Manage your uncertainty by updating outdated map data
  • Export D2L data seamlessly to any GIS platform or file format  (KMZ, KML, SHP, GeoJSON)