IPEG Corp continues innovating with the next generation of UTTO locate technology and unveils patented smart sensing and digital services that are revolutionizing the plant protection and buried asset management industry.

Alan Haddy, President of IPEG Corp said “In what is an historically slow and conservative industry, we believe digital services will become a core standard requirement and operational tool and in the next few years as organizations reap the benefits of connecting field workers and sharing data throughout the damage prevention cycle. Since the first underground pipes & cables were laid, utility companies and skilled field technicians have had to search repeatedly to find their assets. Now, they can map and relocate those assets with the support of UTTO smart devices and cloud-based technologies saving time, money and a reduction in mislocates and resulting damages.”

In tandem with the unveiling of the new technology platform, IPEG has announced it has closed a nationwide deal with a major U.S telecommunication company.

Specifically developed for the locate industry, UTTO delivers a simple user experience by seamlessly integrating custom smart positioning and motion sensing devices with mobile and cloud technologies. Sophisticated back-end digital services and analytics give field technicians a level of confidence, training and best practice feedback while managers gain the operational flexibility and visibility previously unobtainable.

To learn more about UTTO, visit http://www.utto.com or call (844) 811-UTTO.

About IPEG Corporation

UTTO® is developed and owned by IPEG Corporation, a technology and digital solutions provider and developer of mobile products and locate equipment for the telecommunications, energy and test equipment industries.

For more than 25 years, IPEG has developed customer-focused hardware and software solutions that help improve damage prevention, precision location and mapping of buried assets.