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Revolutionizing the underground utility industry


UTTO pioneers data driven solutions that improve damage prevention, training, locating and mapping of buried facilities


Our Journey: Innovating underground damage prevention Since 2012

Founded in 2001, UTTO began as a visionary startup with a bold ambition: to transform how the world interacts with its underground infrastructure. Over the years, we've pioneered groundbreaking technology in underground mapping, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our dedication to innovation has not only shaped our company's story but has also played a pivotal role in advancing industry standards. Today, SubterraTech stands at the forefront of this specialized field, committed to delivering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in every project.


The Pillars of UTTO

Innovation Leadership
We are committed to leading the charge in underground mapping technology, constantly seeking new, creative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our industry.
Accuracy and Reliability
Precision is at the heart of what we do. We strive to provide the most accurate and dependable data to ensure the safety and efficiency of infrastructure projects.
Customer Service
Our foundation of impeccable customer service and support is second to none, we do not collect purchase orders, we collect relationships that collaboratively lead to groundbreaking solutions.

Engineering the Future: Our Development Teams Pioneer New Realms in Damage Prevention

Underground Infrastructure Damage Prevention
Device, mobile and cloud technologies combined with a passion for developing solutions and strategies to prevent damage to buried facilities.
Advanced Geospatial Mapping
Cutting-edge techniques for detailed mapping and relocation of underground infrastructure without getting in the field technicians' way.
AI and Machine Learning Algorithms
Skilled in developing and applying AI algorithms for enhanced data analysis and decision-making.
Virtual Reality Training and Certification
Leaders in creating mixed reality and VR training products for training and certifying the next generation of industry professionals.
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