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For Contract Locators

UTTO’s Locate Training Simulator
Leverages Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to transform workforce development and dramatically enhance productivity and efficiency by up to 40% in daily locate and mark operations. This cutting-edge technology positions your organization to be able to scale and excel in recruitment and training within the competitive contract locate industry. Here’s how:
locate training simultor
1. Scale Operations with Training Simulation:
MR and VR provide a risk-free environment for training on complex locating tasks and safety protocols, drastically reducing training time while enhancing safety and productivity.
2. Underground Visualization:
Utilize VR to interact with 3D models of underground infrastructure, improving rapid understanding and identification of challenges, thus enhancing decision-making capabilities.
3. Speed and Productivity Analysis:
The Locate Simulator leverages extensive real-world locating experience to train technicians in identifying optimal solutions to site-specific challenges, enhancing on-site productivity without disrupting operations.
4. Performance Improvement:
The Locate Simulator offers detailed analysis for improving speed and efficiency, enabling performance checks without the delays of traditional review processes.
5. Collaboration:
Remote teams can collaborate virtually, providing nationwide standardization and tackling locate challenges in real-time, which speeds up decision-making and reduces travel needs.
6. Ticket Management and Decision Making:
The Locate Simulator prepares technicians with scenarios that test their judgment on when to escalate issues, turn-backs and improving readiness and response times.
7. Equipment Check:
The Locate Simulator guides technicians through equipment checks and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and expediting repair processes.
8. Customer Engagement:
By demonstrating a commitment to high-quality training using MR/VR helps accelerate sales cycles for new utility contracts by showcasing your organization’s capabilities and efficiency.
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